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...building an empire takes time.
...sometimes dating blows.
...getting a degree is a commitment.
...saving money requires discipline.
...going after what you isn't always a straight path.

Want kids? Don't want kids? Not sure? That's cool. We want what's best for you.

It's important to trust the timing of your life, but sometimes the pressure to do it all can feel like a lot.

Here at Primer, we help you prioritize your reproductive health to keep your options open. Even if fertility isn’t a part of your daily vocabulary.

Plus, community can help you live longer! Did you know that weaker social connections can impact our lifespan as much as smoking and drinking?

A study published in 2010 by researchers from Brigham Young University concluded that "People with stronger social relationships had a 50% increased likelyhood of survival than those with weaker social relationships."

Their findings show that weaker social relationships have as much of an influence on reducing lifespan as smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol.
You Said It

"I held off most of my life because I wanted to get my career in place."

We hear you

"I’m very ambitious, I'm building an empire."

Tell Us How You Really Feel

"Everyone keeps asking me when are you going to get pregnant? It’s a ridiculous question."