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It's our mission to empower women through education, community and solutions so they can own their future and live for the moment.

We educate through our podcast, our journal and our live events

We connect through our private members group and our live events

We're excited about the future and the solutions we're designing to make a difference.

Our Values

The Prime 9

1. Science first

We are rooted in the latest, cutting edge research conducted by scientists, doctors and experts around the world.

2. Prevention for optimization

Our proactive approach to health optimizes our day to day lives and sets us up for success down the road.

3. Education empowers

The more you know, the more empowered you will be in everything you do.

4. Future forward, present focused

Dream big and take action to find joy and meaning in the present moment. Anything is possible with the right mindset.

5. Kindness, always

To ourselves and to each other. Kindness is contagious, pass it on.

6. Better together

We utilize the power of community for improved mental, physical and emotional health.

7. Diversity + inclusivity

Our differences are what make us beautiful, we are inspired by your uniqueness. Let's celebrate each other.

8. Give generously

From opening a door for a stranger, to volunteering our time, to supporting causes that matter, giving back is good for the soul.

9. Quality + sustainability

We focus on doing things right for the people and planet around us.

We believe every woman has the right to know her options.

Get educated and connected through our podcast, members group, blog and our live events featuring top experts in reproductive medicine.