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Episode 8: How to Optimize Your Future Fertility with Dr. Tracy Malone, ND

Episode 8

In this episode, Talia talks to Dr. Tracy Malone, ND about how women can optimize their health to set their future fertility up for success. They discuss aging and how mitochondrial health affects our eggs. Dr. Malone breaks down the best way to eat for fertility, as well as some key supplements to take. She also talks about how sleep and exercise affect fertility and how to know if intermittent fasting is right for you. 

Dr. Tracy Malone, ND

Dr. Tracy Malone is a Naturopathic Doctor, as well as the Co-Founder and Medical Director at the Conceive Health Clinic in Toronto, Canada’s first Naturopathic Reproductive Medical Clinic specializing in Integrative Fertility Care and In Vitro Fertilization support. When it comes to eggs, fertility, and the best natural modalities, Dr. Malone is the best of the best.

Episode Topics Covered

  • Aging and eggs
  • Mitochondria
  • Birth control and fertility
  • Best diet for fertility
  • How sleep and exercise affect fertility
  • Intermittent fasting for women