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Episode 4: Money, Investing and How to Build Net Worth with Wealthsimple's Zoe Wolpert

Today’s episode is all about money. Okay, let’s be honest - understanding money and how to invest, can feel overwhelming for a lot of us. However, especially for women, understanding what to do with our money is vital. In this episode, Talia talks to Zoe Wolpert, a Senior Investment & Retirement Specialist at Wealthsimple who breaks down the basics of investing, how the stock market works, and how get started even if we lack confidence around our finances. 


About Zoe Wolpert:

Zoe is a Senior Investment & Retirement Specialist at Wealthsimple, Canada's leading online investment management service that combines powerful technology with human advice to make smart financial tools for everyone. She holds the Chartered Investment Management designation and a Certificate in Advanced Investment Advice. Big on education, and with a focus on women investing, Zoe hosts regular workshops and volunteers as a financial literacy educator. Prior to joining Wealthsimple, she spent 5 years at Canada's largest independent wealth management firm working with high-net-worth families. Zoe lives in Toronto with her family. 


Show Notes:  

1:45 - Updated, Covid-19 introduction with Talia and Zoe from their living rooms
11:15 - Behind the scenes story of our emergency recording situation!
14:00 - Start of original episode
14:15 - The similarities between fertility and investing and their relation to time and future planning
16:30 - Bandaid or vitamin approach and the preventative approach to investing
17:35 - How Zoe first got into finance as a career
19:50 - What the best investors do when the market dips
21:30 - What Zoe does at Wealthsimple
25:30 - Money and stress, why money is the #1 stressor in people's lives
26:40 - Why we're delaying investing and how women have less exposure to financial education
27:30 - How the economic power is beginning to shift towards women
32:00 - The relationship between confidence and money
34:00 - Different investing behaviors between men and women
37:30 - What should you do with your money before investing?
40:00 - Investing timelines
41:00 - What is the stock market?
42:00 - What's the difference between stocks and bonds?
43:00 - How to balance your portfolio based on your goals and timelines?
45:00 - ETF's - What are Exchange Traded Funds?
46:30 - What is compounding and how does it affect net worth?
51:00 - How to get started with investing
53:00 - What to know about fees
1:00:00 - Top 5 tips in investing
1:04:00 -  How does someone begin planning an investment strategy
1:07:00 - Setting financial goals
1:10:00 - Prime Time quick-fire Q&A