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Our First Event - Great Eggspectations

Nothing beats real life.

Here at Primer we like to connect in many ways, but in person is hard to top. We held our first live event, Great Eggspectations, at Loversland in Toronto on November 7th, 2019 to a sold out crowd of incredible guests. The event featured a panel discussion with top fertility experts in Toronto and was moderated by our founder, Talia Chai. 

The panel covered a wide range of topics like egg freezing, nutrient support for egg health, hormone balancing and how to develop a more resilient mindset towards navigating the unknowns life throws at us. 

The goal for our guests was to leave them feeling informed and inspired to optimize their health today, to set their future selves up for success. 


The Panelists:

Dr. Kaajal Abrol is a Medical Doctor and Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Specialist at Trio Fertility in Toronto. Dr. Abrol aims to educate patients, partners, and the public on fertility, and de-stigmatize infertility.  

Dr. Stacy Thomas is a Clinical Psychologist and the CEO and Clinical Director of The Design Your Life Centre in Toronto. Dr. Stacy’s work with clients seamlessly interweaves Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness Practices, Mental Skills for High Performance, and Clinical Hypnosis.   

Dr. Tracy Malone is a Naturopathic Doctor, Co-founder and Medical Director of Conceive Health in Toronto. Dr. Malone merges conventional medical treatment with natural, preventative approaches to treat infertility. 


From left to right: Dr. Kaajal Abrol, Dr. Tracy Malone, Dr. Stacy Thomas, Talia Chai From left to right: Dr. Kaajal Abrol, Dr. Tracy Malone, Dr. Stacy Thomas, Talia Chai 


Thank you to everyone who attended. To those interested in future events like this, there will be many more so be sure to sign up for updates below. 

A special thank you to our sponsors, The Detox Market, Helen and Hildegard, Girl Gang Goodies, Good Space, and Float Toronto